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Nombre ICOPhantasma
Fecha de iniciomayo 22, 2018
Fecha finalTBA
Hora de finalización
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The recent advent of smart contract blockchain networks like NEO and Ethereum opens a huge opportunity for a vast new array of innovative decentralized services and applications (dApps). The dominant paradigm of the ’Cloud’ (cloud computing, storage, services etc.) can now be seriously challenged - decentralized systems are becoming increasingly competitive by giving two main advantages: ability to aggregate an immense set of disparate small economic resources (thus gaining economies of scale), and the increased transparency and freedom from not being dependent on a trusted third party (i.e. Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure).

Co-founder & Engineer
Co-founder & Engineer
Co-founder & Product & Marketing
Precio1 SOUL = 0.23 USD Venta65,000,000 Modo de pagoN/A
La inversión mínimaN/A Distribución65% ElevadoN/A
Cap suaveN/A Cap duroN/A