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Nombre ICOThorchain
Fecha de iniciooctubre 01, 2018
Fecha finalseptiembre 30, 2020
en 2 Meses
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THORChain is a highly optimised multi-chain using pBFT consensus to achieve sub-second block finality. Tokens are traded on single chains, known as tokenChains with discrete address spaces. Multi-set sharding is proposed to allow byzantine resistant scaling. The native protocol facilitates on-chain trading and order matching at the protocol level, supporting both limit and market orders. Continuous liquidity pools ensure liquidity is always available for any token pair, and double as the source of trustless on-chain price feeds, a cornerstone of the protocol. Fee incentives are designed to continually attract on-chain liquidity. On-chain token generation is built-in for both fixed and variable supply tokens, with the potential for auditable collateralized stablecoins. Two-way pegs with UTXO, account and contract-based cryptocurrencies allow most existing cryptocurrencies to seamlessly move on and off THORChain. Transparent developer incentivisation strategies allow wallet and exchange developers to be funded at the protocol level which will encourage a vibrant developer community. On-chain governance and smart updates with enforced voting and quadratic voting ensures THORChain is an adaptive and iterative platform that grows with its needs without contentious hard forks. THORChain is built to be compatible with the Flash Network; a layer 2 payment channel network.


$RUNE is definitely the next big thing in cryptocurrency.

People have NO IDEA on it's potential honestly.

I foresee there will be lots of privacy token pools that will generate crazy yields for LP providers.

Yield farming for privacy token will be the next big thing.. 🚀🚀

Some of the things that have happened while I've had a break:

- $BTC's halving
- Binance released revamped matching engine $BNB
- THORChain launched testnet $RUNE
- $MATIC staking went live
- #DeFi became the hottest topic
- $UTK released WordPress plugin
- Buy $TOMO with PayPal

@Arthur_0x @SwitcheoNetwork The minimum necessary technology to build viable cross-chain was only shipped in 2018 (Gennaro Goldfeder 2018 Trustless ECDSA Threshold Signatures) and wasn't in production until 2019.

Indeed GG just shipped the GG20 spec, which is being implemented now and likely the spec

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Precio0.0185 USD Venta500,000,000 Modo de pagoN/A
La inversión mínimaN/A DistribuciónN/A ElevadoN/A
Cap suaveN/A Cap duro176,800 ETH