Nombre de intercambioPaymium
Volumen (24H) €11,669.88
1.43 BTC
Soporte de monedas1
Pares de negociación1
Sitio web
Rango de Alexa334648
Paymium es una plataforma de Intercambio de Criptomonedas que permite operar con más de 1 Criptomonedas. El volumen en las últimas 24h de esta Exchange es de €11,669.88 (1.43 BTC). También permite más de 1 operaciones entre Criptomonedas (trading pairs). El país donde más popular es Paymium es .

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🔎Market fact
According to @glassnode, there are now over 1800 #Bitcoin whales, the highest number since 2017.
Could this mean that new, large investors are coming into the BTC market ?

#MondayNumber: 2 600 000
According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), 2.6 million people have bought cryptocurrency in U.K. The report also states that 1.9M people representing 3.86% of the general adult population (18+) currently own cryptocurrency.

1 EU fund guaranteed $5.6 million in grants to blockchain startups
2 Australia has now more than 2,500 post offices where you can buy BTC
3 After collapse Lebanese Lira is now worth one satoshi
4 China will soon onboard Ethereum to its ambitious Blockchain Network

"Because of their privilege to create money and the monetary monopoly, banks are not like other economic actors and should not be allowed to take profits that result from monopoly rents."
- @NomiDeko, contributor to the review of Atlantico

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💡According to data from, the Bitcoin difficulty has adjusted on July 1 to 15.7842 trillion, with the previous level of 15.7847 trillion. The percentage change (0.0033%) is so small that it was rounded up to a zero. The last 0% change was in March 2010!

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